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A new customer-relationship management system is helping Norfolk Southern reimagine how we interact with customers. We call it ConnectNS.

Answering customers’ questions and resolving issues with their shipments are top priorities for NS’ customer service teams. Powered by cloud-based software, ConnectNS delivers a comprehensive view of every customer interaction across all business units, allowing NS to provide customers with a personalized, connected, and efficient service experience.

To understand how ConnectNS adds value, you might need a little customer-service 101. NS’ Operations and Service Support group has close to 220 agents fielding calls and assisting customers. When a customer calls OSS, an agent begins working to resolve their issue. Before ConnectNS, however, there was no centralized tracking of that initial interaction. Accordingly, if the customer called back for a status check, they could be connected to a different agent with no knowledge of the issue.

Now, when a customer emails or calls OSS, ConnectNS creates a case and assigns a case number, allowing OSS to easily track and monitor interactions with the customer and respond quickly and efficiently to any subsequent concerns. When the customer calls back, the agent fielding the call can access a detailed record of the customer’s problem and the steps being taken towards its resolution, providing key information regardless of their prior level of involvement.

NS will continue to leverage ConnectNS to improve customer service as more facets of the technology come online. In early 2019, customers will be able to submit cases electronically and view the status of those cases on the AccessNS website, as well as on NS TRAX, the mobile app version of AccessNS. Additionally, customers will be able to communicate with NS customer-service groups via chat and text. And as the year goes on, NS will further expand the use of ConnectNS to other service and support groups.

ConnectNS is a transformational tool, allowing NS to redefine the customer experience. Going forward, NS is committed to pursuing similar technology-based opportunities that will unlock new possibilities for the future of customer service.