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Norfolk Southern is harnessing the power of Waze technology, a mobile navigation application, to caution motorists and help save lives at highway-rail crossings. The digital public service advertising campaign launched in March, and currently is running in six regions across NS’ system that experience a high concentration of highway-rail crossing incidents each year. 

When a motorist uses the app, a banner advertisement appears if they select a route that takes them over or near a railroad crossing. The safety-focused ad opens in the Waze map application – only while their vehicle is stopped – reminding them to drive carefully at the crossing. The advertisement also offers a “save for later” option that allows users to view additional safety tips when the vehicle comes to a stop. This campaign provides total market saturation for a five-kilometer radius around each of the 63 railroad crossings throughout southwest Birmingham, Alabama; Gary, Indiana; Clayton and South Fulton Counties, Georgia; Toledo, Ohio; Allegheny County, Pennsylvania; and East Louisville, Kentucky.

“Norfolk Southern is applying advanced technology and data analytics across our operations, and we’re proud to be at the forefront of geo-targeted mobile advertising to warn motorists of the need for caution – especially when they are driving a route that will take them near or over a highway-rail crossing,” said Jason Morris, assistant vice president safety and environmental at NS. “We look forward to leading with additional ideas where technology and mobility can intersect, creating safer and smarter operations for our customers, employees, shareholders, and the public.”

In the first two months of the campaign, NS’ messaging received more than 1 million impressions on the Waze mobile application. Norfolk Southern is the first Class I freight railroad in the U.S. to employ Waze for this type of targeted safety campaign, continuing NS’ reputation as a technology and mobility thought-leader.

By partnering with Waze to reimagine possible, NS is saving lives and empowering drivers with the mobile technology that’s already at their fingertips.